Peggy to go

Handbag, tablet, 2013

Peggy to go is an adaptation of the video–installation Peggy where the video loops on a tablet in a rebuilt handbag from the 50ies. Through glasses in the shape of her self-designed sunglasses the the continuous passing of the glitched lettering collecting art is collecting artists is subtly broaches the issue of the area of conflict between art, artist, collector and fashion.

The work combines the legendary lifestyle of P. Guggenheim with that many moments a day we close our eyes. Its called wink and scientifically proved that the brainwave frequencies then change immediately, many thousend times a day. The glitch is a translation of that blinking and reminds of the quality of moments when decisions are made. Will I buy that artist? Will I love this collector? Does he love this curator? Does this handbag fit me?