parallel musing

3D-Augmented Reality Installation, 2016 Adhesive foil elements, App, tablets

The AR-installation ​Parallel Musing ​challenges the perception and understanding of human existence by focusing on questions arisen in the digital age. Together with a large-sized xenolinguistic code an app triggers a realtime generated environment featuring virtual phenomena and anthropomorphic fragments. The mixed reality scenario deals with technical dependencies and their consequences, and fits in seamlessly with the real space and such a virtual tableau vivant becomes generated where spectators can interdigitate.

Concept, idea, direction and realisation: Tina Muliar
App Developement & Sound Design: Bobby Rajesh Malhotra, Tina Muliar

Install the App and focus with your mobile at the visual code below to get a glimpse!

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Webgl demonstration of the set-up for the exhibition “Bitoresc” at Heiligenkreuzer Hof, 2017